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Star Satellite Communications


A Licensed Tele-Communications Company

S.B.C.A Registered and Licensed with the bureau of Electronic Appliance and Repair.

System Services Cable Construction. Established in 1974, building turnkey CATV Systems for Cable TV operators such as: Cox Communications. Jones Cable. Daniels and Associates, Comcast Cable and others.

Star Satellite Communications. a division of System Services, provides sales, service and installations, for the following; VSAT, Satellite TV , Computer Systems. Networking, Broadband Wireless, Home Theater and Audio -Video Systems, POS systems and off Grid Solar Systems

Our existing work force has the capability to accomplish almost any project you may need to have done for both Residential and Commercial locations.


We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quaility products and personal service.

Providing good service means taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need. Our business is client oriented and we maintain strct confidentiality.

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Star Satellite Communications
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